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Marvel Secret Wars Digital Comics on Sale Today on Comixology!

Victor B. Nov 21, 2011 3

If you grew up in the 80’s like I did… yeah so what?  Anyways, Comixology for their weekly Marvel Mondays sale have the classic Marvel Secret Wars (the first one) on sale for $.99 each!  That’s half off the usual price for the digital versions and you don’t have to troll the back issue bins or pay secondary market prices if you want to find the originals, especially #8 where Spidey gets that awesome black costume(with a convoluted origin that could not be done on the cartoons or in the movies).  If you’re into nostalgia and want to read one of the biggest comic merchandising tie ins to come out of the 80’s pick it up before the sale’s over!  These are readable on your computer or on your iOS and Android devices.