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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter at Gamescom 2012

Andrew Lee Aug 17, 2012 0

Greg Goodrich presented details about the upcoming Medal Of Honor: Warfighter during a press conference in Cologne, Germany. At the same time, Greg Goodrich reveals that there will be “10 different nations competing through 6 different classes, offering over 70 unique combinations on the battlefield.”

While adding the social experience through battlelog, Greg Goodrich tells the audience that attendees at Gamescom will be able to test out the game with the different classes and countries. From that statement, the conference transitions to a new Warfighter trailer. This trailer shows the different countries/class combinations as well as discloses that Warfighter will have 8 real world locations.

In addition, it will have 35 multiplayer map/mode combinations. Combat seems smooth as ever as Frostbite 2 continues to present the authentic military experience.