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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Impressions

Andrew Lee Jun 14, 2012 0

On the last day of E3 2012, I had the special opportunity to test out the Medal Of Honor:  Warfighter multiplayer gameplay.  While the line for the game was fairly reasonable, it still had me tingling with adrenaline and anticipation about what improvements were made for Warfighter.  As soon as I got into what seemed to be a briefing room, myself and the group of others were given a video briefing by Greg Goodrich, the Executive Producer for Warfighter.  From there, the video gave us a brief overview of the map that we would be playing, information about some of the classes that were available for multiplayer, as well as explaining about their new “Fireteam” squad aspect.

After the briefing, we were assigned to different stations and paired off.  While the stations seemed like your typical gaming rig, they gave you the option of either playing with a mouse and keyboard, or with a controller which resembled an Xbox 360 controller.  Also, there was a set of over the ear headphones with a microphone which was a closed communication channel with your fireteam buddy. In my instance, I had gotten paired off with a gentleman by the name of Dan.  While we were settling into our stations, we made a loose game plan as far as tackling the map, engaging the enemy, and dealing with holding the control points which in this session were three for the 12 players that were present.  In other words, we had two teams of six squaring off as a whole but dividing into fireteams of two.

While it seems that there are a lot of aspects that are borrowed from Battlefield 3, the similarities end where in Warfighter, you are paired in fireteams of two which may depend on the limit of players on a server.  While the game also uses the Frostbite 2 engine, the gameplay as far as movement and gun behavior seems to feel a whole lot different, especially when you either hip-fire on the move, or fire from ADS or aiming down the sight.  The HUD is a lot clearer in comparison to the previous Medal Of Honor as it looks more up to date. Frostbite 2 certainly brings out the best in visual effects as glare obscures my field of vision as I maneuver between tight and opened areas with the sun barely setting.

Overall, the game seems to be a significant leap in comparison to the previous reboot in 2010.  Frostbite 2 certainly ushers the changes in the overall experience of bullets flying and explosions.  The gameplay itself seems to be a whole lot different which may take into account the new fireteam feature as well as keeping the realism of a shooter and improving that concept, just like the previous MOH.  Just from the one round with a group of 12, the game seems to have a lot of potential and holds significant weight over its predecessor.  While there may be some work needed to be done or balancing issues, etc.  Warfighter, was an enjoyable experience but only the future will tell if it will stand out among the rest of the FPS genre this year.