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Media Molecule’s Vita Game Tearaway Has You Pushing Your Fingers Into The Game

Sean W. Aug 18, 2012 0

Media Molecule’s new game for the PS Vita is called Tearaway.  It features unique gameplay that, among many things, will have you pushing your finger through the bottom of the Vita right into the game.

Media Molecules first major game was Little Big Planet and it has a extremely detailed level creator that made that game stand out.  For this new game, the Sony owned studio is taking on paper and created an entire world and characters made up of the material.  In the game, one of the ways to interact with the world is by pushing your finger through the back touch screen of the Vita and your finger will push through the ground in the game.  You can push through and move objects, take out enemies and trigger trampolines.

When designing Tearaway, it looks like the team was looking to use all the features that make the Vita unique and more than touch games found on mobile phones.  That’s something Sony will need to do if they want to increase the lagging sales for the handheld.

No release date has been announced for Tearaway.  Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.