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Memestache on iPhone Now Available (FREE FOR NOW)

Tony Hannides Jul 2, 2012 0

leadership meme

What is a meme? Well, according to Google, a meme is “An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.” You know, those funny pictures which captions that brighten up our day. Some of us look at these and say, “I have a better caption,” but have no idea how to do it and make it look legit. Memestache for the iPhone is now available for a free download. You can search through popular memes but best of all, create your own. You can choose from some templates and then you add your own caption. The app is free for a LIMITED time so get it while you can. It’s a lot of fun.

*** This is the official app for Memestache is the place to get all the BEST memes because our community votes and decides which ones get featured.
* *** This App is FREE for a limited time! We love our fans, and we think this app is awesome, so we’re making it free for launch!
*** This app will display the top memes voted to our site, as well as a number of APP-ONLY exclusive Memes!

*** MAKE MEMES: This App also includes an awesome Meme builder so you can make your own memes! You can pick from your OWN photos to make a meme or choose from our large selection of memes!
*** SHARE YOUR CREATIONS: The Memestache app makes it incredibly easy to share your creations or any meme that you see by a few simple taps.
*** FACEBOOK and TWITTER integration: Post your favorite memes or the ones you made yourself to Facebook and Twitter without leaving the App.
*** Email and SMS integration: You can share with a friend by emailing and texting them from inside the App!
*** FAVORITES: You can keep track of your favorite memes and save them for later! All the memes you make are automatically added to your favorites.
*** EXPLORE all the top memes! Memestache includes an awesome Explore mode where you can look at a bunch of memes at the same time instead of one at a time!
*** NO ADS!
*** Note: An Internet connection is required to download new memes and to make your own

Download Link

meme ios screenshot