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Microsoft nixes MIX 2012 conference

Radford C. Jan 24, 2012 0

Microsoft MIX 2011

Going through conference fatigue? Microsoft is hoping to ease the pain by axing its MIX conference. The developer event, which is usually set up for a March or April in Las Vegas, reached its six year before pulling the plug. MIX was created to build developer buzz around platforms such as HTML5, Silverlight, SQL Server, XBox and a whole slew of Microsoft technologies. I’ve attended MIX in ’08 and ’09, its infancy years, and the knowledge sharing was invaluable. MS Developers were disappointed by the call but it comes as no surprise after following a final keynote appearance at CES 2012.

Microsoft says it received a lot of feedback from developers, who were confused over what each conference offered. Reporters, analysts, and tech bloggers also reported similar feedback. Managing “event fatigue” from the large number of Microsoft developer events was difficult according to reporters. The company is planning to merge MIX into the next “major developer conference” which it will hold in the coming year, and will ensure the event is similar to its Windows-focused BUILD conference from September.

Microsoft watchers and developers were hoping to get their hands on a release candidate copy of Windows 8 from the MIX 2012 conference. Looks like that will particular announcement could now be separate from any Microsoft developer events.

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