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Microsoft Rebrands Zune Music As Xbox Music

Sean W. Jun 5, 2012 0

Microsoft MusicThe word on the street is that Microsoft is killing the Zune brand.  There might be some truth to it as Microsoft introduces Xbox Music to the world at E3 2012.  Though much information wasn’t given, the service looks to be a rebranding of the Zune store.

Xbox Music is a service that will work across multiple platforms including the 360, Windows 8 PC’s, tablets and phones.  There seems to be a lot of similarities to the Zune store, even as far as having the Smart DJ feature that is found on Zune Music.  Friends show up on the left side of the screen with what they listening to under their names.

One thing that wasn’t clear was any form of pricing as no pricing was mentioned at all.  Also, even though the Zune store sold music similar to that on iTunes, the way the presentation was done, it looks like it could be a music streaming servicing similar to Spotify.  The service is expected to launch this year and we’ll let you know more info when more is available.