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Microsoft signs Gore Verbinski and company for exclusive new content on 360 and WP7

Radford C. Dec 8, 2011 0


Blind Wink Productions has signed an exclusive agreement to produce content for XBox and Windows Phone. Blind Wink Productions is Gore Verbinski’s studio and is best known for producing the Pirates of the Caribbean series, along with other blockbusters such as the popular horror flick, The Ring and the highly successful animated Rango. It’s been revealed that the first title will be an Xbox Live Arcade game with Kinect support and is expected to be released late next year. Although, question remains whether it will be an original storyline or based on one of the studio’s franchises. Verbinski told the Hollywood Reporter that Blind Wink is “looking forward to our partnership with Microsoft. Their various platforms give us access to new methods of distribution, allowing us to connect more directly with the audience.”

Hey, if Spielberg can do it with Boom Blox, Verbinski should be in good spirits. All we ask is not to have Uwe Boll to get involved. Thanks.

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