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Microsoft Surface Ads Chalked Along The Surfaces Of NYC

Radford C. Aug 23, 2012 0

With the Microsoft Surface tablet slated for October 26th and the software giant seems to have taken early steps to create awareness of its product. Ads of the Microsoft Surface are appearing on the walls of New York City. The ads are chalked colored sketches of the RT-powered tablet. The Verge reached out to Microsoft to see if the company was involved with the street art and the company said it would not comment on the appearance of the Surface artwork.

The Verge’s Tom Warren recalls a time when Microsoft did this before:

The street art mimics similar marketing tactics used by Microsoft for its MSN launch in 2002 and Windows Phone 7 introduction in 2010. Both graffiti art occasions angered city officials at the time, with the MSN butterfly campaign resulting in a $50 fine for sticking MSN butterflies on sidewalks, traffic signals, and stop signs.


Via »The Verge