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Microsoft: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – Free

Radford C. Dec 9, 2010 5

These are free? Sweet!

And no. I am not talking about pirated software and torrents. If you’re like me, you use Microsoft Office but sometimes you just can’t justify paying for it every 1-2 years just to use the latest and greatest version. I know there are student versions, etc.

Oh yeah? What about Google Docs?

What about them? Google Docs is not even close in functionality and presentation. My collegue who works here at LTG swears by Google Docs but it’s just very limited and his argument is that it’s free. But why can’t free things be of quality? Google Docs is great if your world is  made of bullet points, paragraphs and 5×5 tables but this is 2010.  I like to create nice flexible tables, pretty brochures, cool looking invitations and layout stuff in a precise manner.


Try to do this in Google Docs:

Yes. Try it.

The closest competitor is StarOffice (now OpenOffice) which is also free but I’m weary about open source-based products that get continuous updates. Should I update my OpenOffice to the latest version when I’m working on my thesis? Probably not. Walk around your neighborhood with a megaphone and ask if anyone has heard of OpenOffice much less use them.

But why am I complaining about these guys? Word, Excel and Powerpoint are now free via Microsoft’s

Why I like this alot:

  • It’s free
  • I know Microsoft Office and many others that do
  • You’re already logged on Facebook right? Then you’re already done.
  • Just click the big icon that says “New Word Document” – that’s how easy.
  • There are cool looking templates featured by other users.

Open Office and Google Docs? It’s Game Over.

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