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Who Are Microsoft’s Windows RT Partners – And Who Isn’t

Radford C. Aug 17, 2012 0

Windows-Rt Prototype Design Spec

The following are the list of OEMs who have confirmed that they will be producing Windows RT Tablets:

Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Samsung.

Each of those companies are set to  deliver Window RT devices at launch. Currently, the only officially announced Windows RT devices include the Surface RT tablet and the Asus Tablet 600. But according to Microsoft, we can expect not only several WinRT tablets coming from its four initial partners, but also PCs with “full keyboard and touchpad solutions, whether removable/dockable or a traditional clamshell.”

And the other guys?

HP and Acer. The former scraped plans to produce a Windows 8-based tablet PC based on “customer feedback” while the later company has made it clear that the Microsoft Surface is bad business for OEMs in general and immediately after the comment the company’s CEO mentioned that the anticipated tablet should not be priced in the $200 range. Both are long time Microsoft partners.

Other companies like HTC is reported to have been excluded from creating Windows 8 and RT tablets while Nokia has been rumored to be part of the Win RT partnership. Toshiba cancelled plans for the Windows RT/8 tablets while Texas Instruments plans to bolster other companies with chipsets running Windows RT. Interestingly, Toshiba works closely with the Texas-based chipmaker.

“Toshiba’s decision by no means signals the end of the road for TI’s work on Windows RT, or the focus on the mobile computing market,” said Melissa Haddad, a spokeswoman for Texas Instruments. “We have a long view on successes in Windows RT, and continue to be excited about our work there.”

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