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Miniature ‘Star Wars’ Arcade Designed For ‘The Littles’ or ‘Smurfs’

Radford C. Apr 27, 2012 0

Mini Star Wars

It’s likely that Dinky Little and Handy Smurf  would be fighting over this. This bad boy is only 12 inches tall. If you don’t know how small that is, grab a shoebox or some wine. At 1:6 scale, Arcade Controls forumgoer Le Chuck has built a replica of Atari’s 1983 Classic Star Wars arcade game. The miniature build comes complete with a custom-built yoke for steering, coins slots, blinking lights and other nuances. Even crazier is that it actually works, thanks to a modified GP2X Caanoo handheld running MAME – vector graphics ‘n all. The tiny screen may not be the ideal way to experience the game but I bet Smurffete would approve.

Via »Engadget