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Mobile DJs, The iRig Mix Is Now Shipping

Sean W. May 18, 2012 0

iRig Mix

First shown off at CES 2012, the iRig Mix DJ mixer for iPhones and iPads is now shipping.  In preparation for this release,  IK Multimedia has already released a free version of their DJ Rig app just last month and, with this announcement, their iOS mixing vision becomes a complete reality.

The iRig mix is a portable 2 channel DJ mixer that has standard RCA outs for plugging the mixer into a PA system, inputs that work for multiple iOS devices, inputs for standard line level devices, 1/4″ input for guitar  and more.  The company is selling the mixer for $100 so it’s about the price of low end DJ mixers.

More information can be found on IK’s official site.  Here’s a video to give an ideal of what this thing can do.