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Mobile Marvel Pinball Tables Are Half Off For A Short Time

Sean W. May 1, 2012 0
I'll Buy That For A Dollar

"I'll Buy That For A Dollar!"

Heads up Pinball players, Zen Studios has discounted their Marvel based pinball tables on the Android and iOS platforms. The prices  tables on both platforms  are getting slashed in half to only a dollar each, but only until May 7th.

This is, no doubt, building off the hype of the movie as the Movie comes out in North America on May 4th.  The iOS platform will get discousts on the Captain America, Wolverine and Thor tables as the Android platform will get Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Thor  tables at a deal.

I hope this means Zen Pinball 2 will be coming out soon also, as the company is expected to release the latest update to the PS3 pinball game as the same time as the Marvel’s Avengers pinball pack.  This upcoming Tuesday would be a great time for that.

Via »Joystiq