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Monster Tron Headphones from Monster

Sean W. Dec 9, 2010 0

Disney is a Monster company who’ve made monster hit’s, like Tron.  Disney has licensed it’s monster, Tron, to Monster, who makes cables, headphones and earphones that usually have monster prices.  Together, you have a super high quality, high tech looking set of surround headphones made for gaming or movies.

Monster Tron Surround Sound Headphones

It’s a complete surround sound set of headphones with large drivers to give a big sound.  It has on the side, the signature Tron lights that we find so, well, cool. The  LED lights inside the headset mimics the way the lights move in the movie.

Pretty cool. So cool that there is a Daft Punk version of these headphones.

Daft Punk Model

And even little earbuds for those on the go.

The MSRP on the headphones are $349, and $50 for the ear buds.  But they do look cool.  Cool like these guys here.

Courtesy of Monster Cable.