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More than 80 percent of Google+ users don’t participate

Radford C. Aug 19, 2011 0


Cypher: By the way, if you have something terribly important to say to Switch, I’d suggest you say it now.
Trinity: Oh, please God…
Switch: Not like this. Not like this.
[Cypher pulls her plug]
Cypher: Toooo laaate.
Trinity: God damn you Cypher!
Cypher: Don’t hate me Trinity… I’m just the messenger.

With the Google+ social now reaching the end of its second month, the networking platform has seen lots of attention, lots of registrations and lots of buzz. However, a new study just came out indicating that large piece of Google+’s users do not interact with the site very often, if at all.

The following data was compiled by Bime Analytics, which polled a voluntary sample of more than 10 million Google+ users. That quite a number. 83 percent of Google+ users are inactive on the circles and posts. However, to Google+s defense, other social networks have the exact same issue. Example: There are not many active users on many different network. In fact, research indicates that 80 percent of Twitter users have Tweeted fewer than 10 lines, and 40 percent of users have never sent a single Tweet. Female users was 30 percent of Google+’s demographic, a 2% increase from the previous month. Mid-August, the dominant occupation for Google+ users was student.” That’s a big shift from the month prior, when the dominant occupation was engineer.” But hey, you never know. Facebook started with students as well.

Click here to view the survey results

[via Bimeapp]