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More Windows 8 leaked screenshots

Radford C. Apr 8, 2011 2

From the looks of today’s screenshots and previous leaked screens, Mr. Ballmer was telling the truth. Windows 8 apparent UI changes are risky but necessary. In this collection of screenshots, you will notice Windows 8’s PDF reader, customization of the Aero interface, and a new version of Internet Explorer 9 that works like its Windows Phone counterpart, according to new details posted online by Microsoft partners.

Windows 8 will reportedly offer a new interface dubbed Immersive as an alternative to the traditional Aero user interface introduced in Vista, according to Windows 8 Center and other sources. Rivera and Thurrott from Within Windows showed screenshots from a new “Immersive” edition of Internet Explorer 9 that renders pages like the current desktop version but looks and feels like the mobile browser found in Windows Phone.

The other new tidbit is AppX. AppX would help developers write applications for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Windows 8 Center also points to AppX as an important step toward a Windows App Store that Microsoft is reportedly planning.

One more Windows 8 feature reportedly in the works, according to WinRumors, is History Vault. Similar to Apple’s Time Machine, the History Vault would automatically back up files on the fly and let people restore them from a specific date and time.

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