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Motorola Xoom drops price in Europe

Radford C. Sep 6, 2011 0

Now in its sixth month in production, the Xoom is finally seeing a real price drop. Dixons, a popular UK retailer, is now selling the 32GB Xoom for £329 down from £500 along with other announcements from Blogeee. So what does this mean for you US readers who are considering a tablet? Well, we’re going to generalize here and say you’re either going to get an iPad or something on sale. Right now you’ve got the HP Touchpad (if it’s still there), the Playbook (which is really not that much cheaper) and everyone else like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which at the moment am not sure if it’s on sale.

Think it’s too late for the price drop? Let’s ask WNE

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