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MOTU Announces the MicroBook II, A New Powerful Portable Audio Interface

Sean W. Feb 14, 2012 0

Motu MicroBook II Top

Motu have announced the MicroBook II, a new personal audio interface designed to work with any Mac or PC.  Even though relatively small, the interface comes with just about any connection that  would be used in most recording studios.

The MicroBook II is a USB 2.0 audio interface that focuses on sound quality yet come in a small size.   The interface has four analog inputs and analog outputs, headphone outputs and a SPDIF output.  The inputs include a stereo line input, a guitar dedicated input and an XLR input that supplies the full +48v for condenser microphones.

Motu Microbook II Specs Front and Back

The box is 5.5 by 3.6 by 1.25 inches small with LEDs on the top displaying level information.  The two knobs on top not only control the gain levels of the inputs and outputs, pressing them down allows the user to switch to the different ins and outs.  The interface is fully compatible with all major software and includes the Motu CueMix software giving users a ton of control over the realtime monitoring of audio running through the MicroBook II.  They also include a collection of analysis tools to analyze any signals running though the box which are helpful if looking for room problems or mix problems.

Motu Microbook II Specs Motu Microbook II Specs 2