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Mozilla Signs Sprint to Firefox OS

Tony Hannides Jul 2, 2012 0

firefox os

Mozilla might be more known for their Open Source browser, Firefox. Now they’re getting themselves into the mobile operation system war. Introducing Firefox OS. Meant to be an open mobile platform, Firefox OS is fully based off HTML 5. This means, every app on the device MUST be HTML 5; contact list. games. flashlight app. Even the calculator. Because of this fact, HTML 5 based app won’t have as many fragmentation issues like Android and iOS. Mozilla also have signed agreements with low cost OEMs like ZTE and TCL/Alcatel to build the actual devices. They will launch devices in 2013 with the first version of Firefox OS and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. With mobile OS’s like Migo, WebOS and Symbian going away, is Mozilla wasting their time or do they have a winner?

Via »PhoneScoop