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MS Evangelist Clarifies About Apollo Updates For Windows Phones

Radford C. Apr 19, 2012 0


Microsoft Developer Evangelist Nuno Silva retracted his previous statement that all current Windows Phones will be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. In a blog post published on Wednesday, Silva wrote that he confused future Windows Phone app compatibility with phone update capabilities:

“The point I was attempting to make was simply that existing Windows Phone applications will run on the next version of Windows Phone. This is the same guidance that Microsoft shared late last year. I mistakenly confused app compatibility with phone updateability, which caused the rumors we saw yesterday. I did not intend to give the impression I was offering new guidance on any products under development or their upgradeability.”

Microsoft neither has confirmed nor denied Silva’s initial statement since the post, leaving fans and owners in confusion about the state of Windows Phone 8 updates. With Silva’s public clarification matching Microsoft’s statements, it seems even more likely that Mango phones (Windows Phone 7.5) won’t see Apollo updates (Windows Phone 8).

Then again, we could be all wrong and that Microsoft might still be deciding on its Windows Phone update strategy.

Via »The Verge