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My XBox Live App now on Android, iOS version to get enhancements

Radford C. Jun 14, 2012 0

Also known as XBox Companion on the Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices (sans iPad) can now remotely control their XBox consoles and manage their XBox Live (XBL) profiles. This includes modifying avatars, viewing achievements, seeing the latest deals, gamer spotlights, seeing who’s on their XBox (assuming they’ve set their profile to public), messaging other XBL members and using the quickplay feature – which allows you to quickly run the last activities you last performed on the console (i.e. games, movies, music, etc).

Depending on the app, you can control certain aspects of the activity; Zune for instance. However, expect to see some slight delays between your smartphone and your console so it’s highly recommended that you rely on your controller (or Kinect) to navigate through your XBox.

Looks like the word proprietary is slowly creeping away from Microsoft’s dictionary.

iOS Version

Android Version

You can download them from Google Play and Apple’s App Store respectively.

Via »Joystiq