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Netflix Redesigns Tablet App; Available Now

Sean W. Nov 15, 2011 0

Netflix has redesigned the interface on their Android app.  The new design is ready to check out now and is pretty nice.

Zal Bilimoria, mobile products manager at Netflix,  said, “The new design is much more immersive and provides greater focus on the growing number of titles in the Netflix catalog. In fact, the new interface displays twice as many movies and TV shows as before, enabling you to discover even more titles you’ll love.”

iPad users will have the same new Netflix app at some point in the next coming weeks.

After trying out the new interface, I’d have to say I like it.  The UI is still familiar and similar to how it was before with some shortcuts to videos you were watching at the top of the row.  The browse works well and clearly shows categories making it way easier to scroll through parts of the catalog without getting bogged down.