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New Metal Gear: Revengence Trailer Looks Like The Action Metal Gear Game We Wanted

Sean W. Jun 1, 2012 1
Metal Gear Solid Rising: Closeup

"I'll crush the spine of anyone who questions this game!"

Konami has just released an impressive E3 trailer and a developer video regarding Metal Gear: Revengence, the new spin off of the MG series that stars the ninja type character Raiden.  The trailer reveals the evolution of the “slicing” mechanic and seems to boast far more polish than the previous showing late last year.

There are many, including me, that had been heavily disappointed in the changes to the game from the original concept video from Kojimia production and the first showings of the game.  I had enough to say that I wrote this entire commentary on what is wrong with the game. On the latest Lords of Gaming Podcast, I again expressed my concern with the new direction of the game and argued with Rad about it, again.  Looks like the team at Platnimum has addressed the concerns of players and have released this very impressive trailer.

The new video makes the game seem more polished than the original trailer and the increased use of the “slice” mechanic that makes Metal Gear: Revengence seem different than just any other third person action game.  Action is the key word here as that is focus on this new Metal Gear game.  Platinum games have used their strengths as action game creators to give Raiden the action that was only observed in cut scenes in previous Metal Gear Solid games.

The game looks like it will be a lot of fun and I commend Platinum for their work on this game.  But this new info doesn’t quell all my concerns with the game.  The platforming and jumping of the Raiden remind me heavily of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma series.  Minus the cool slicing feature, the rest of the swordplay and the way Raiden interacts in the environment are similar to that of Ryu in Ninja Gaiden.

In the developers video, the team said that some objects can be slided and effect the enemies like, for example, the chopping of a leg of a water tower to collapse the whole tower on a group of enemies.  I’m concerned there will be objects strategically placed that allow these big action moments to happen.  For example, in many games, next to a distant gun turret is usually a red barrel that can be shot and exploded at a distance.  I’m worried that there will be water towers near several pockets of enemies making the action a bit more scripted.

Other than the two concerns, both of which are small nit-picks, the new trailer has absolutely addressed some of my concerns with Metal Gear: Revengence.  The game will be playable on the E3 floor so we’ll be on site to give our impression so keep you eyes peeled on the site.  What do you think of the new Metal Gear footage?