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New Playstation 3 Model Incoming

Radford C. Jul 5, 2012 3
Current Slim model - in red

Current Slim model – in red

Sony’s FCC filing  has revealed a new PlayStation 3 (PS3) which will begin the 4000 series SKU. Eurogamer tags the CECH-4001x as a much slimmer model than the current PS3 Slim. Eurogamer speculates that the new model will be announced at Gamescom in Germany next month.

The new 4000 series is expected to be The current generation PS3 Slim is the 3000 series, which features a less power-hungry Cell processor and is also lighter than the original slim model, the 2000 series.

Eurogamer reports:

Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), spotted by Japanese website Pocket News, reveal Sony Computer Entertainment’s plan to release a new PS3 model, labelled the 4000 series.

We’re currently on the 3000 series. Specifically, the CECH-4001x model is mentioned, and this could relate to a slimmer PS3, which Eurogamer has heard will be announced at German game show Gamescom next month.

The documents mention that “x” will be replaced by an alphabet denoting the different hard disk specification.

Buried within the various test results and charts is an image that shows the 4000 model with a new FCC label position. This image is above and, below alongside images that show the 3000 model and the original PS3 model.

Sony declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer.

Via »Eurogamer