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New Star Trek Game Is A Third Person Shooter (Gameplay Video)

Radford C. Jun 9, 2012 0

Star Trek Gameplay Video Spock TPS

Check out Spock get into the action in the new Star Trek game which happens to be a third person shooter. Ever since J.J. Abrams took the Star Trek movies in a more radical direction, we saw our favorite characters become humanized, shout in the middle of dire situations, and show a little more action than what we’re used to seeing in previous movies. Now the new game, which follows the characters from the latest movie, seems to have followed suit. The following gameplay video shows Spock taking cover and blasting away with his trusty phaser while pulling off the Vulcan death grip as a melee move. It’s hilarious and entertaining seeing Spock sneak through the bridge and shoot an alien in the face. We also see Spock make use of the Tricorder as he uncovers stats from dead bodies. Too bad we only get a chance to watch it as opposed to playing. For a long time, Star Trek has been known to move deliberately slower and engage in intellectual dialogue. Now it looks like they’re shooting first and asking questions later.

Check the jump on the video to see what we mean: