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Nintendo: ‘New Super Mario Bros. 2’, major 3DS firmware update and more games

Radford C. Apr 22, 2012 0

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo has announced New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS. Along with another lineup of third party titles, the game is expected to debut in August in Japan. The game will follow the same 3D models and background navigated in 2D style as its previous prequel (New Super Mario Bros) which appeared on the DS and Wii with a variation of multiplayer. Not much has been revealed about the gameplay but Nintendo we suspect that the 3DS’ creator will show more of the game at E3 in June. More notably, a major 3DS firmware update is expected to be downloadable by April 25th. Enhancements will include folders, game patching and upgrades to be issued easily to a variety of apps and games.

On top of their flagship title comes a couple of Pokemon software. The game is said to tie in into the Black 2 and White 2 games that are coming on June 23rd (Japan). Another Pokemon game will make use of augmented reality. Titled Pokemon AR Searcher, the game let’s you take shots with your 3DS camera and  “capture” Pokemon.  And Pokedex Pro, which is a free app from the Nintendo Store, will be an updated version of the Pokemon database probably containing more species and monsters.

A 20th anniversary compilation of Kirby games for Wii, Taiko no Tatsujin, Rune Factory 4,  Animal Crossing 3DS and Etrian Odyssey IV round out the next set of releases to join New Super Mario. 2 series in the upcoming months.

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