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Now! Is Expanding From Pop Music to Pop Music Video Games

Sean W. Jul 7, 2011 1

Rihanna Wii birthday bash

In a way, we should have seen this coming. EMI, the company behind the Now! That’s What I Call Music are going to start making video games.  Not just any video games, but music games.  Who said the music genre is dead?

The publisher for this game is Tubby Games, a new group made up of the people who made Dance:UK for the PS1 and the PS2.   EMI has given them the licence for many popular titles from various record companies for them to work with.  It will feature tracks from Jessie J, Dizzee Rascal, Rihanna and other pop stars.

This game will be for the Wii only, and the first volume is expected in November this year.

Questions is, will they release a new volume every 3 months?