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NVIDIA’s Chips Will Be in The Tesla S – LTG @ CES 2012 (Video)

Tony Hannides Jan 10, 2012 0

Nvidia HUD Tesla S at CES 2012

NVIDIA shocked the tech world yesterday at their press conference when they announced that their Tegra chips will be the powerhouse behind some new in-dash and HUD systems. We know that NVIDIA is pushing the envelope with their quad-core chips in smartphones and tablets but I never thought I’d see it in a car. But why not? The vehicle already uses a CPU to help drive and manage the car’s sensory system.

We went to NVIDIA’s booth at CES 2012 to check it out first hand. At first, the car itself is gorgeous. The Tesla S is currently in its prototype stages but the public should see it come to market sometime this summer. We sat down with one of the head designers of the system to get more insight of this amazing innovation. And before you ask, no. It’s not powered by the new Tegra 3 quad-core chip. It’s a secret.

Video TBA

So there you have it. As always, after the interview was over, I came up with more questions.

  • Does it run Adobe Flash?
  • Can I watch a movie while driving via the web?
  • What safety features have you or will you integrate? Or is that up to the car’s safety features?

Even so, it’s exciting to see NVIDIA breaking ground on technology that we might see in the future in all cars. Until then if you want this tech, buy a Tesla S, a Lamborgini or an Audi.