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OS Update: Verizon’s Samsung Stratosphere Gets Features of ICS but not Android 4.0

Tony Hannides Aug 27, 2012 0

What’s after Gingerbread? Ice Cream Sandwich. If that’s true, tell it to the boys who approved an OS update for the Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon Wireless. Today, Big Red has approved an update named FF1; the update’s size is a whopping 53.8MB. But what does the update bring? New features that are part of Android 4.0 but not actually the full Android 4.0. You’ll get the security facial unlock, new app drawer options, a brand new incoming call screen, a photo editor and the ability to take still shots while shooting video. There’s no word on when the update will be live but all in all, it’s better than nothing.

stratosphere-update 8/2012 1

stratosphere-update 8/2012 2

Via »Droid-Life