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Oxium Is An Affordable Analog Synth For You Mac and PC

Sean W. Aug 2, 2012 0

Xils Lab Oxium

Oxium is a budget conscience analog synth that is not light on the analog sound or features.  It is Mac and PC compatible and works as a plug-in within any VST, AU or RTAS digital audio workstation (DAW).

Developed by Xils Lab, this new software instrument can both classic and modern synth sounds.  It can run up to 8 pairs of Oscillators per patch and Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Square waves. Other key features include a full Arpegiattor with gate and swing parameters, effects including a stereo delay and a sequencer.

The system requirements to run the software are not too bad;  just 1 GB of ram and 2GHz processor is enough.  Most DAWs usually have higher requirements than this software so most people would be fine running Oxium.  As with all instruments, it really helps to have a demo to really see if the sounds that it delivers is worth your hard earned money.  Lucky enough, there is a demo available on their website that can be grabbed here. The demo’s limitations are as following: no saving, nor importing, no exporting, no automation and after 45 minutes, the software will be bypassed requiring a reboot.  If you do not have a DAW, you can get a standalone VST host for PC and VSTLord for the Mac.

The software will sell for the regular price of $130 but there’s an introductory sale for $90 that runs until August 15th.