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PC Mag: Google Chrome the New IE6?

Radford C. Dec 4, 2011 0

Wow. Now that’s a statement. As a techie who’s kept his electronics and software close to his heart, I’ve also never looked at those things as sentimental or personal. Aside from my favorite football team, I don’t have any loyalty to any brand. I like Chrome. A lot. And now PC mag has made some stark findings about Chrome’s future. It’s somewhat convincing but also without merit on certain points. Read the rest and let me know what you by leaving a comment below.


Fast forward to 2011. The hot new browser is Google’s Chrome, which has just overtaken former indie darling Firefox in global market share, according to StatCounter. Chrome can do things that no other browser can do, and Google now targets Chrome exclusively, meaning some Google sites only function fully when viewed in Chrome. Even today, you can read on the Google blog about some new Angry Birds levels that only work in Chrome.

This is disturbing, when you consider that Google has made a lot of hay about the openness of the Web; Google wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for truly open Web standards. But more and more, Chrome is becoming a conduit for Google services, to the exclusion of other browsers.

PC Mag even goes as far as saying,

The strategy takes a page out of Microsoft’s playbook for IE6 and magnifies it on a massive scale.

Chrome, I know you can hear me.
I’m not letting go.
I can’t.
I love you too damn much.

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