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Peter The Elephant And His Galaxy Note

Tony Hannides Mar 28, 2012 0

Think you’ve seen everything? How about an elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note. Peter the Elephant in Thailand was given a Galaxy Note and its amazing what he was able to figure out. Using his trunk, he was able to swipe through photos, draw with the stylus and even take a picture. Now before you claim foulplay, the team at The Viral Factory assure us that the video is not faked. They promised to upload uncut and unedited takes later on to prove its authenticity. Nevertheless, fake or not, the video is adorable. Will it sell phones? Next time you meet an elephant, you’ll know what phone to get them for their birthday but I’m not convinced it’s a great selling point. It does however, highlight the fact that anyone, human or not, can use an Android and the famous phablet: The Galaxy Note. What do you think? By the way, no elephants or Galaxy Notes were harmed during the filming of this video.

Via »YouTube