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Phoenix Online Studios Releases New Trailer for Cognition

Radford C. Aug 17, 2012 0

Since GDC, Phoenix Online Studios has been very busy with Cognition. They’ve took up a publisher, released some new screenshots, performed a livestream and now pushing out another new trailer showing off more of the game to adventure aficionados who have been anticipating its release. We also got a chance to chat with them through one of our podcasts back in March which included their artist, writer and game designer.

This first trailer gives an overview of the style of gameplay that players will encounter in Cognition. There are several unexpected twists and turns that protagonist Erica Reed will have to navigate through in order to find her brother’s killer, and all of them take place within a deft mix of cel-shaded in-game art and artistic cutscenes.

Latest Screenshots

Cognition is expected to make an appearance at PAX Prime in Seattle this August 31 through September 2. For now, check the jump on the new trailer.  The old GDC trailer can be seen here.