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Photoshop CS6 downloads breaks a half million

Radford C. Mar 29, 2012 0


Apparently a lot of people are interested in the new beta of Photoshop CS6: the software has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, Adobe said yesterday.

That’s a big number for a premium software product. But of course, the beta is free, and the final version won’t be, so it’s hard to guess what the conversion rate will be from beta downloads to actual purchases.

Still, as a marketing stunt alone, it has to be useful for Adobe. Photoshop’s price — $699 for the full standard version and $999 for Extended — is a big deterrent for people thinking about trying it. Getting it into people’s hands could help convince them that it’s worth paying for — and perhaps that other software from the company’s Creative Suite also is. It also could help encourage upgrades from people who skip alternate releases to save money.

Adobe hasn’t had a public Photoshop beta since CS3.

Via »Wired