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Plants vs Zombies Pinball Is Real

Sean W. Sep 1, 2012 0

Along with the release date of Zen Pinball 2 a few weeks back, Zen Studios revealed there will be a pinball table based on a PopCap game. It has been revealed it is Plants vs Zombies Pinball.

Along with the September 4th release of Zen Pinball 2, for sale will be a new Plants vs Zombies pinball table for $3 on the PSN.  Pinball FX players on the Xbox 360 will have access to the new table on September 5th for 240 MS points.  The PS Vita is also getting Zen Pinball 2 and this table for the same price as the PS3, and buying the PS3 version of the table will net you the PS Vita version for free.

Here’s to the trailer to Plants vs Zombies Pinball.