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Plugin Alliance To Use Wave’s VSSD Licensing System

Sean W. Aug 9, 2012 0

Plugin Alliance

The Plugin Alliance has teamed up with Waves, the popular plugin manufacturer, to use their VSSD fulfillment program.  Using VSSD, these products will have greater world wide distribution without the increasing the potential of piracy.

The VSSD is a system started in 2004 and is an automated system that works with online as well as brick and mortar dealers.  It allows companies the advantage of significantly lower their costs of physical goods and removes the need for them to create their own “anti-piracy” system.  As a consumer, the VSSD system will spit out a unique serial code that will instantly be sent to any dealer who’m a product was purchased.  Serial numbers do not have to be tied down to any disc or particular packaging and multiple licenses can be purchased for a product without needing a stack of boxes.  CEO Dirk Ulrick stated, “Waves’ VSSD system is established in the best international stores — be that in the US, Europe, or anywhere else. Now we can offer all of our plug-ins from the various pro audio companies we represent through the VSSD system used by all dealers selling Waves plug-ins worldwide.”

The Plugin Alliance has been using a USB-dongle for copy protection and this new system will not interfere with it.  The Plugin Alliance has a large selection of products including EQ’s, compressors, guitar amp simulators, mastering tools and more. For those who love freebies, the company has a some for free including a hi-pass/lo-pass tools, Mid-Side tool, a unique filter and more.  Most recently, the company has released Rockrack, a guitar amp simulation plugin from Brainworx.