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Poll: 58% of Lumia 900 or Titan II owners are former Apple and Android users

Radford C. Apr 18, 2012 0
nokia lumia 900

Image Courtesy of CNet

58 percent of people who have migrated to Windows Phone as Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II owners are former Apple and Android users, according to a poll from

From more than 3,600 users, WPCentral’s poll found almost 30 percent jumping ship from the iPhone and 27 percent from Android. BlackBerry,  Symbian and WebOS are combined at 28 percent leaving almost 15 percent of Lumia 900 and Titan II adopters upgrading from other phones.

The results aren’t exactly scientific or comprehensive since WPCentral’s poll is public and open on the web. Ultiately, the WPCentral explained that they wanted to gauge the migration rival platforms to Windows Phone specifically because of the Lumia 900 or Titan II.

The results, although small, paint a hopeful future for Microsoft and Nokia.

As WPCentral points out, Nokia has been able to focus all its promotional efforts as of late on Windows Phone. That’s a much-needed change from the efforts of Samsung and HTC, which have divided their attention between Android and Windows Phone.

Video: Technobuffalo’s move to Windows Phone.

Via »WPCentral