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PQI Air Card, the Wifi SD Card Where You Add Your Own Capacity

Victor B. Jun 11, 2012 1

For those that felt that there was not much other in the market of wifi SD cards other than Eye-Fi, PQI has a potential versatile solution for you to transfer your photos to the cloud on the fly.  The PQI Air Card will “WiFi your camera” as they say on their product page.  What sets it apart from the  Eye-Fi is that you can choose your own capacity by using your own micro SDHC card (from 4gb to 32gb).

The Verge had a bit of a hands on with the Air Card, and they said that it will use your battery faster, possibly cutting your time by half.  There is still no release date or price, but by seeing PQI’s other products like SDHC cards in stores, hopefully this is a reasonably priced solution for those looking for this type of solution.

Via »The Verge