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PreSonus QMix Software For The StudioLive Mixers Are Getting A Smaart Upgrade

Sean W. Feb 1, 2012 0

PreSonus StudioLive mixers have the feature that allow users to use an iPad to remotely control the mixes from different parts of the venue.  The lastest update allows musicians to control their own monitor mixes through iPhones.  This control is getting expanded  in the next update to use the Smaart Engine Technology, similar to that found in the EAW software.

The new QMix softare now allows multiple iPhones to communicate with the StudioLive mixer.  The iPhones can be mounted on stands using something like the iKlip and each musician will gain a digital wheel to turn that will adjust their level and the bands level.  Any amount of tracks can be assigned to “your level” and any track not selected becomes the “band level”.   The master iPad has a master section that shows all Aux sends and where any musicians may have it to make any additional adjustments.  The press release only mentions iPhones, no iPod touches, but the software was available for iPod Touches running iOS 4 and up prior.

Presonus QMix

The next upgrade for the mixer will include the Smaart technology from Rational Acoustics.  What the Smaart system shows is a colorful display that represents the frequencies of the music.  If any problems of feedback happen at any particular frequency,  it’s easy to identify it and remove it visually.  This system has always been pretty pricey and StudioLive users are lucky to have it integrated.

The Smaart update will be available Spring 2012 and the update for the QMix is available now.