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Puppeteer Might Be The PS3’s Coolest Looking Platformer

Sean W. Aug 15, 2012 0

At Gamecom 2012, Sony unveiled a new platformer called Puppeteer. In a time when many games look similar, this game looks very different.

The game takes place on a stage with the world changing around the character.  It’s like watching a puppet show.  The plot behind the game is also unique.  A boy named Kutaro ends up becoming a puppet in this strange world and is fighting to get his soul back using a pair of magic scissors.  There is a evil witch character with the traditional broomstick and everything.

The gameplay animation in teh game is very smooth and the atmosphers reminds me of a lighter colored A Nightmare Before Christmas.  Even the music in the trailer has a Danny Elfman feel to it.

This game will come out for the PS3 and was developed by Sony’s in house Japan Studio.  We’ll let you know more information when it becomes available.

Via »PS Blog