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Don’t Call it Windows 8 Games, Call it XBox Windows

Radford C. Aug 9, 2012 0

Microsoft has been going through a renaming frenzy as of late. Chronic Windows file renamers and nomenclature fans may love to track yet another name from the Redmond-based company. Microsoft has decided to label its new OS’ built-in games and titles obtained from the Windows Store as “Xbox Windows.” Along with the new branding, venerable Windows titles like Minesweeper, Solitaire and Mahjong will also offer Xbox Achievements, so you can bulk up your Gamerscore while wasting time at work. Full details of the achievement and point totals can be found at the source links below.

Eurogamer reports:

Classic Windows freebies Minesweeper and Solitaire are among the first games to fall under Microsoft’s new Xbox Windows banner. The fresh game range, outed on, appears to be separate from the current Games for Windows Live service. Solitaire Collection, Minesweeper and Microsoft Mahjong will offer up to 50 Gamerscore apiece, and presumably will arrive for free with fresh Windows 8 installations. Minesweeper will blast out 5 Gamerscore when you are blown up by your first mine.

Solitaire Collection offers 10 Gamerscore for flipping over your first card. And Microsoft Mahjong will award you 5 Gamerscore for changing the game’s theme. Windows 8 is set to launch in October, and will cater for full-sized desktop PCs as well as Microsoft’s new range of Surface tablets. The company previously insisted it wouldn’t drop support for its controversial Games for Windows Live service, but did promise “new investments in Metro style games”. Like Minesweeper, presumably.

Windows 8 will include full Xbox Live integration, offering access to the Games Marketplace, as well as users’ Xbox profile, Achievement haul, Avatar functionality and more.

Via »Eurogamer