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Report: Google’s new algorithm deals with copyright issues, YouTube makes an exception

Radford C. Aug 13, 2012 0

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Google’s constant battle with with copyright has been an ongoing war, yet YouTube stands as one of the sites standing on the sidelines of the battlefield according to Google’s own blog post.

“This ranking change should help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily—whether it’s a song previewed on NPR’s music website, a TV show on Hulu or new music streamed from Spotify,” said Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president of engineering.

This copyright-policing strategy has won the hearts of organizations such as the MPAA and RIAAbut with YouTube bringing in the most number of views when compared to other sharing sites, concerns remain between the copyright holders and Google.

Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan asked Google to comment on the situation, but was told that YouTube is not getting any special treatment.

“We’re treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings,” Google told the site. “That said, we don’t expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content sites.”

Granted, YouTube has its own DMCA form to use if the copyright holder alleges that his/her property has been infringed upon.

“Since we re-booted our copyright removals over two years ago, we’ve been given much more data by copyright owners about infringing content online,” said Singhal in the blog post.

Via »Google Blog