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Report: Washington Post To Gut Digg Staff Leaving Entrails Wide Open

Radford C. May 1, 2012 0

Not good. The Washington Post is prepped to gut the Digg team of talent and leave its business in the dust. The report aligns with the rest of the rumors coming from All Things D, The Next Web and TechCrunch. Digg has been trying to reinvent itself since the site launched back in 2004. Now in its fourth version, the site hopes to keep its monthly visitors in the millions as the story submission site continues its steady decline into possible oblivion. What’s so special about Digg’s staff? A couple of them built a Social Reader Facebook app.

Ah. Ok.

“The site’s remaining management will try to figure out how to take advantage of its brand name and traffic, according to people familiar with the company,” reports Peter Kafka from All Things D. Not long ago, Digg played musical chairs with CEOs which included one of the founders (Kevin Rose) jumping in and out of the Digg team as he founded Pounce and Milk. Recently, Rose took the Milk team and brought them to Google.

Digg has gone through its share of troubles that date as far back as 2006 when the site’s content promotion rules and promoting tools were being circumvented by its top users. Digg tried to offset criticism by hiring computer scientist Anton Kast to develop a diversity algorithm to prevent special interest groups from dominating Digg. Since those changes, Digg competitor Reddit capitalized from most of Digg’s disgruntled readers.

Via »All Things D