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Resistance 3 Boat Ride Gameplay Video

Sean W. Apr 14, 2011 0
Resistance 3 Wallpaper

Hello There Big Boy.

Insomniac Games have released some videos of their upcoming game Resistance 3.  The gameplay video is of the scene from the earlier trailer where the protagonist Joe Capelli are fighting off Chimera who are jumping on a moving boat. (insert I’m on a boat joke here)

This scene takes the Half-Life way of storytelling by slowing down the action at some parts allowing you “take it all in”, and others parts the action picks up substantially.

It also shows the weapon wheel in action and several of the weapons including the Bullseye, Auger, Magnum and Shotgun.   Also worth noting is the lack of regenerating health.  Good old health packs have made a return bringing it back to the vibe of the first Resistance: Fall of Man.

In the game, the Chimera have fully won the war.  Humanity is left in pockets of survivors hiding form the Chimera.  This part of the game has Capelli and Dr. Malikov (from Resistance 2) trying to make their way through Pennsylvania as they try to sneak past Grims and some Goliaths.  They were not able to sneak by.

Here is a behind the scenes interview with some of the makers of the game.  In this video, they talk about the Oklahoma level and a lot of background on the game.