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RIM Wants You To Stop Texting While Driving Witch CAPTCHAs

Tony Hannides Jul 11, 2012 0


Even though there’s a law and a hefty fine against driving and texting, most of us still continue to do it. While there are a few 3rd party apps you can download that will prevent one from driving while texting, RIM wants their Blackberries to have the technology already in their smartphones. Recently, RIM was granted a patent that would allow just that; if you want to text, you must enter the CAPTCHA into the box. The CAPTCHA would activate at 3-6mph and 124-149mph. The CAPTCHA would be a puzzle, math problem or distorted letters and you would have to answer the question properly in order to complete your text. While I understand what RIM is intending, don’t you think most people would attempt the CAPTCHA while driving and possibly still create more accidents?

Via »Crackberry