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Roland Wireless Connect Provides Recording To An iPhone….With No Wires

Sean W. Mar 29, 2012 0

Roland has announced a new Roland Connect product that works with a variety of their current products and provides wireless recording to an iPhone.  With it, users will be able to record and playback performances on an iPhone while hearing it through their Roland keyboard, V-Drums or V-Accordion.

The USB stick is just a Netgear wireless adaptor, model number WNA1100-RL.   It connect the keyboard, drum module and the Accordion to a wireless Network that the iPhone must be on and then they are connected.  Roland is offering two iPhone apps to use with the Roland Connect setup.  The first is called V-Drums Friend Jam, an iOS version of the desktop software under the same name.  It allows drummers to jam with other users around the world as well as be used as a workout tool for drummers.

The other app is called Air Recorder and it will record the audio output wirelessly to the iPhone.  In addition to recording, the Air Recorder will playback any audio through the audio outs of the keyboard so users can jam with any music.  Anything recorded on the iPhone can also be exported.

Where the V-Drum Friend Jam requires a Roland Drum module, the Air Recorder only works on several modern products.  The list of compatible products are: JUNO-Di, JUNO-Gi, JUPITER-80, JUPITER-50, Lucina AX-09, and BK-5/BK-5 OR. V-Drums Sound Modules: TD-30, TD-15, and TD-11. V-Accordions: FR-1x.

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