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[Rumor] Amazon Will Launch The Kindle Fire 2 in July

Tony Hannides Jun 26, 2012 0


If Google does indeed launch the Nexus 7 at Google i/o and if the rumored specs are on the money, Amazon might be worried. Even though the Kindle Fire aren’t selling like hotcakes, its one of the cheapest Android based tablets in the general consumer market. Also, Microsoft announced the Surface; although that might appeal to more corporate users, it still bodes the question: what’s Amazon next move? According to sources at DigiTimes, the e-commerce giant isn’t going to take this lying down; they have a planned launch/announcement event on July 31st for the Kindle Fire 2. While other details are quite hazy, the source says Amazon might drop the price of the current Fire down to $149, launch the new Fire with a camera and maybe better screen resolution. As for other features like Bluetooth and expandable memory, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Via »CNet