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Rumor: Bruce Willis May Be Preparing To Sue Apple Over Digital Music Collection [Updated]

Sean W. Sep 3, 2012 0

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is rumored to be gathering some lawyers together to sue Apple over ownership over digital music.  This reports comes from Digital Trends who picked up the story from the UK tabloid The Sun, but the merits behind the rumor seem real.

The lawsuit comes from ownership of music purchased from iTunes.  According to the story, Mr. Willis is looking to set up a trust for his children but discovered in the terms and agreement that the things purchased from iTunes are non-transferable.  Meaning that when Mr. Willis dies, then his children can not legally play the music he’s purchased, even though he wants to hand the music down to them.

Even though this is a rumor for now, this begs a question that I’ve asked multiple time over whether or not we should have the right to sell any of our digitally owned goods like games, music and movies.  As things are now, we really just license what we purchase as Bruce Willis is rumored to recently find out.  Companies like the RIAA have sued a company who was helping users do just this and is having problems shutting them down.

Maybe his reputation as a hero in movies can add some weight to this argument and potentially bring this issue to light.  If not, I’m sure there’s an empty chair around an aging actor could yell at, I hear that is all the rage now-a-days.

Via »Digital Trends

[Update] Looks like this rumor has proven to be false.  But it was a nice thought to have John McClane take on the RIAA and digital ownership rights.  Seem’s only fitting after he saved New York just a couple times, plus a bunch of people in an office building, and thousands of people at an airport.