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Rumor: HTC Devices Will Receive Playstation Certification Later on This Year!

Tony Hannides Feb 15, 2012 0

HTC PSP from

If you listened to our latest podcast, we tossed around the idea of Sony ditching Android and moving forward with their new Vita OS for phones and tablets. If that is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean they would give up Android all together. Sources for tell them that up and coming HTC handsets might also be granted with the Playstation Certification. If you remember, Sony Playstation created a market or catalog called the Playstation Suite. This was a way to port PSX games to Playstation Certified Android phones like the Sony Ericsson Experia Play. This would help Sony stay in one of the largest mobile markets in the world and capture a larger mobile gaming audience. Sure, this is just a rumor, but wouldn’t it be cool to play your HTC Incredible 3 with Beats By Dre sound and playing Crash Bandicoot?


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